Amazon Funzone Earn Stars Play And Win Guaranteed Rewards -31st August Answers

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Amazon Funzone Earn Stars Play And Win Guaranteed Rewards –How To Earn DetailsAmazon Funzone Earn Stars Play And Win Guaranteed Rewards. A New Amazon Funzon activity where you need to play daily quizzes and jackpots and answer an easy question and you can win the Amazon Stars. You can redeem/convert Stars to Amazon Pay Balance from Rs.10 to Rs.1000. Play daily earn daily. Available for all users. Direct link added below. Answers are added for today’s quiz and jackpot.

Amazon Star is a new type of reward program and you can earn Stars on various activities and then you can convert to cash using the Star balance. The quiz option is available only on the Amazon app. Find the full offer details below.

How to Avail Amazon Funzone Earn Stars Play And Win Guaranteed Rewards:

Click Here to download the Amazon India app from Play Store/Apple Store.
Follow these instructions to redeem the deal:

  • Where to Participate And Play:
    • Click Here to directly open the “Amazon Star” section to participate in the latest jackpot and quiz (You will be directed to the Amazon App).
    • Available in the app only.
    • Choose the Daily Jackpot | Daily Trivia Quiz | Weekly FunZone Jackpot | Weekly Quiz answers.
    • Play and Click on the “Claim Your Prize“.
    • It’ll ask a simple question.
    • The stars will be added to your account.
    • Play again the next day.
    • You can check your star balance by clicking the “Tap to check Stars collected” option.
  • Answers for the 31st August Quiz and Jackpot:⚡⚡⚡
    • Daily Jackpot Win Upto 10 Stars:
      1. Whatever the question, the answer is always “Amazon”.
        Answer: Amazon
    • Daily Quiz Win Upto 5 Stars:
      1. Which Indian state has formed 13 new districts in 2022?
        Answer: Andra Pradesh
      2. Which of these comets was discovered in January 2021?
        Answer: Comet Leonardo
      3. Vayu Raghavan played by Tanuj Virwani plays a key role in which of these web series?
        Answer: Inside edge
      4. Name this fish that is commonly kept in garden ponds in Japan as pets.
        Answer: Koi
      5. Which Indian state has this animal as the state animal?
        Answer: Sikkim
  • Answers for Weekly Quiz and Jackpot (28th August – 3rd September):⚡
    • Weekly Jackpot Win Upto 100 Stars:
      1. Which was the first Indian movie nominated for Oscar?
        Answer: Mother India
    • Weekly Quiz Win Upto 10 Stars:
      1. Name the movie that has two intervals.
        Answer: Sangam
      2. Which Hollywood actor was considered for the role of Raj Malhotra in DDLJ?
        Answer: Tom Cruise
      3. Which of the following movies is an official remake of the Korean film, ‘Ode to my father’?
        Answer: Bharat
      4. Name the movie that was nominated for the Best Foreign Film at the Oscars 2002?
        Answer: Lagan
      5. Finish the quote from Om Shanti Om: “Ek chutki sindoor ki keemat tum kya jaano _______
        Answer: Ramesh Babu
  • How To Redeem The Star for Amazon Pay Balance:
    • Click on the Redeem Stars option.
    • You’ll see all options to claim the stars against the Amazon Pay balance.
    • See this conversion table or value of the stars:
    • Use 100 ⭐ for Rs.10 Amazon Pay Balance.
    • Use 250 ⭐ for Rs.25 Amazon Pay Balance.
    • Use 500 ⭐ for Rs.50 Amazon Pay Balance.
    • Use 1000 ⭐ for Rs.100 Amazon Pay Balance.
    • Use 2500 ⭐ for Rs.500 Amazon Pay Balance.
    • Use 5000 ⭐ for Rs.1000 Amazon Pay Balance.
  • Validity of Stars: The Stars balance you have earned is valid till 31st August 2022. Redeem them before this date.
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  • Offer Validity: Amazon Funzone Earn Stars Play And Win Guaranteed Rewards are available till 31st August.

Amazon Funzone Earn Stars Play And Win Guaranteed Rewards Terms & Conditions:

  • Daily you can earn 10-20 Stars & at starting of the new week, you can easily earn 50+ Stars.
  • Weekly FunZone Jackpot, weekly quiz answers & win are the weekly games.
  • You can redeem your stars to get a guaranteed Amazon Pay Balance as per the ratio given above.
  • No need to purchase anything to participate in this new online contest.
  • But you can win special prizes from Amazon Quiz when you participate.
  • Some of the deals are only available in the Amazon app.
  • What is the offer duration? The offer started on 7th July and is available to participate till 31st August 2022.
  • This Amazon Pay Cashback offer is a limited-time offer.
  • You do not need to apply any coupon code manually to get the cashback.
  • The total cashback that a customer can avail of during the offer period is as per the given deals.
  • This Amazon Funzone Earn Stars Play And Win Guaranteed Rewards Offer are applicable to all customers.
  • Amazon Funzone Earn Stars Play And Win Guaranteed Rewards valid for a few days, only.
  • About: Amazon India is one of the biggest online e-commerce websites for all kinds of shopping needs, from grocery to smartphones to fashion or whatever. They also offer the best recharge offer to support a popular list of telecom partners including Airtel, Jio, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, and this offer can be availed by any mobile operator in India.

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