Flipkart SmartPack How to Get 55% Money Back on Smartphones

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Flipkart SmartPack How to Get 100% Money Back on Smartphones -17th Jan 12PMFlipkart SmartPack How to Get 55% Money Back on Smartphones. Flipkart SmartPack is a new program where anyone can buy any mobile phone with SmartPack and Return your Device in any working condition after 12 or 18 months & you’ll Get 55% Moneyback on your bank account. You need to buy Flipkart SmartPack monthly pack plan along with the phone. This is also valid with Bank/Card Discounts, exchange & No Cost EMI offersFull details & T&C below.

Flipkart SmartPack program is available in three tiers – Gold, Silver & Bronze. and you also can choose to keep the device and get 60% money back.

How to Avail Flipkart SmartPack How to Get 55% Money Back on Smartphones:

Click Here to see and pick your Flipkart SmartPack plan.
Follow these step by step instructions procedure to claim/redeem the promotion:

  • How Many Plans Available? You can Choose From These 3 Plans for 12 or 18 Months:
    1. Flipkart SmartPack Gold55% Moneyback on return or 60% Moneyback if you keep mobile.
    2. Flipkart SmartPack Silver80% Moneyback on return or 40% Moneyback if you keep mobile.
    3. Flipkart SmartPack Bronze60% Moneyback on return or 20% Moneyback if you keep mobile.
  • Example: If you purchased a smartphone of worth Rs.10000 with a Gold plan, after 12/18 months you’ll get full Rs.10000 amount back to your bank. OR if you want to not return the phone or the phone is not working anymore, you still get 60% value, this means Rs.6000 back to your bank.
  • What is the Plan Cost: The Flipkart SmartPack monthly plans starting from Rs.399:
    • Gold Plan price Rs.879 per month.
    • Silver Plan price Rs.699 per month.
    • Bronze Plan price Rs.399 per month.
  • What are the Other Benefits of Flipkart SmartPack Plans: You’ll get many Free Services like OTT Membership, Food, Health, dating benefits for free. These are all freebies with any SmartPack plan:
    • Voot Select, Voot Kids, SonyLiv, Zee5, Zomato, Gaana, Eros Now, Medlife, Practo, Cure.fit, HealthifyMe, DocsApp, Hotstar, Tinder, HoiChoi.
  • How to Buy & Pay for a Plan? How much do I need to pay for the plan & for the Device? (now and later):
    • Buy any smartphone and select your SmartPack plan.
    • You need to pay the full amount for the Device now along with the plan price for the first month.
    • You will also have to pay the plan price every month as per the pack chosen by you till the duration of the plan tenure.
  • What are the eligible payment methods for the payment of the plan and the Device?
    • Valid for any payment method of your choice. You can pay for the Device & the first-month pack fees using any payment method including Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, EMI, Electronic Gift Voucher & Cash on Delivery.
    • Bank Discounts: You’ll also get any Bank Debit card or Credit Card or any other discount/Cashback offer available as you get on your regular purchase. You’ll get money back from the discounted price you pay.
    • Exchange Offer: You can exchange your old phone and buy a new one with Flipkart SmartPack. The value of your old phone will get adjusted against the upfront amount you pay for the new Device. Rest assured, at the end of the plan, you will get the Full Moneyback of the new Device and not the reduced value.
    • BuyBack Guarantee Offer: You can use the buyback guarantee while buying a new phone. The promised buyback guarantee amount of your old phone will get adjusted against the upfront amount you pay for the new Device. You will continue to get the Full Moneyback of the new Device and not the reduced value.
    • SuperCoins Benefits: You will also earn SuperCoins on the purchase of mobiles as usual.
    • After the 1st Month, you can pay for the pack next month onwards using any payment method except EMI and Cash on Delivery.
  • .What happens if I stop paying or Forget to Pay for the SmartPack in between the Plan Period?
    • In case you stop paying for the SmartPack, you will lose access to the subscribed services and you will not be eligible for any Moneyback on the Device. All benefits under the Program including benefits of Complete Mobile Protection shall stand terminated with immediate effect.
    • In case you forget to pay for the SmartPack by the due date, Flipkart will send you a reminder to make the payment and will allow you to continue on the subscription by paying a late payment fee of Rs.100 within 19 days from the due date. If you pay the plan fee along with a late fee, your subscribed services will be started again and your moneyback plan will not get impacted.
  • When & How will my Plan & Free Services get Activated?
    • You will be able to activate your plan once your Device is delivered. You can visit the Flipkart SmartPack section from My Orders to view & activate all services you like to subscribe to.
    • On the Flipkart SmartPack Details Page, you can click on “Activate” or “Start Activation” to start activating your services.
    • You will need to provide email and/or phone number details to be able to activate the service.
    • All freebie services in your plan can be activated after the delivery of your mobile device.
  • You’ll get all Exclusive Deals on Smartphones from top brands like Redmi, Realme, Narzo, Poco, Oppo, Vivo, Samsung, etc.

Term & Condition of Flipkart SmartPack How to Get 55% Money Back on Smartphones:

  • Enjoy access to premium services without paying additional charges by choosing between 6 pack options across two tenures 12 months and 18 months and three tiers, Gold, Silver & Bronze. Plan tiers available under the Program are provided in the table above.
  • Return your Device at the end of the plan subscription & get 60% to 55% Money-Back on the smartphone as per the pack chosen.
  • Moneyback will be credited in the customer’s bank account at the end of the selected plan period.
  • The device can only be returned in any working condition; i.e. as long as the device turns on and the IMEI number is visible on the Device’s screen, it will be accepted for return. This is subject to check done at the time of the return.
  • Best if you looking for the best full-screen display mobile with good specs at a very high-budget smartphone under 50000.
  • It could be one of the good camera phones in this price segment between 30000 – 40000.
  • It could be one of the good selfie smartphones at this price range below 20000.
  • The best option for users looking for a big battery smartphone from a reliable brand.

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