Kya Bolti Public Quiz Season 4 All Answers Episode 16 25th Sept -Win Gift Cards, SC

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Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Quiz Season 4 All Answers Episode -Win Gift Cards, SCKya Bolti Public Quiz Season 4 All Answers Episode 16 25th Sept. Answers added for today’s episode (Bookmark This page to daily answers at one place). You need to visit the Video section in Flipkart App and play the “Kya Bolti Public” video quiz contest and win assured prize rewards daily. Today’s rewards are Rs 100 Gift Vouchers for 10 winners, 15/10/5/2/1 SuperCoins for all other winners 🔥🔥🔥

The Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Quiz Contest is very easy and you need to watch a video and answer 3 simple opinion poll-based questions. We’ve added all the answers below for all the questions, so now anyone can play and win the prize without any effort. Find the full offer details and terms below.

How to Avail Kya Bolti Public Quiz Season 4 All Answers Episode 14 25th Sept:

Click Here to directly open the Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Video Quiz in the app (open link on the phone).
Follow these steps to redeem the cashback offer:

  • Or you can open the Flipkart app and open the “Video” section from the bottom menu.
  • Look for the “Kya Bolti Public” video or banner and click on it.
  • Click on “Play and Win” to start the video game contest.
  • During the video, the host (RJ Anmol) will ask the 3 questions and you need to choose the correct answer from the 2 options.
  • Answer all the questions within a time period of a few seconds. You can also change your answer.
  • Magic Eraser: You can also correct your wrong answer using Magic Eraser.
  • At the end of the video, you can claim your reward.
  • Click on “See your Performance“. And click on “Unlock Surprise Gift” to see the prize.
  • Repeat this daily for the next episode and win daily assured prizes.
  • Each contest episode will be live for the next 24 hours and you can answer anytime within the time frame.
  • 🤑Win More: Invite 5 Friends to Play this Video Quiz on Flipkart and Win Prizes upto Rs.1000. Use the share option within the quiz.

Answers for the KBP Season 4 Episode 16 Aired on Date 25th September 2141:

Sequence: AAB 😍🤑

  1. Which superpower would people like to have for a day?
    Answer: Mind Reading
  2. Do people buy things sold at traffic signals?
    Answer: Yes
  3. If people were stranded on an island what would they prefer more
    Answer: Food

Episode 15:

  • According to people would the world become Covid free by the end of 2022?
    Answer: 60-70%
  • What would people prefer to buy if they had 5 Lakh rupees?
    Answer: New Car
  • According to people which is Akshay Kumar’s most preferred role?
    Answer: Comedy

Episode 14:

  1. How do women prefer men?
    Answer: With Beard
  2. Which sweet dish do people prefer to eat?
    Answer: Jalebi
  3. What percentage of people hate their boss?
    Answer: 30-40%

Episode 13:

  1. What percentage of people think that there should be censorship on the OTT platforms?
    Answer: 70-80%
  2. Which one of these would not have acted in films if they don’t have any film background?
    Answer: Sonakshi Sinha
  3. What do people prefer to do on weekends?
    Answer: Going out

Episode 12:

  1. According to people which is the better breakup song?
    Answer: Channa Mereya
  2. Do people Google before meeting new people?
    Answer: Yes
  3. Which of Alia Bhatt’s looks do people like more?
    Answer: Western

Episode 11:

  1. What should flights provide?
    Answer: Free Wifi
  2. Do grown-ups watch cartoons?
    Answer: 70-80%
  3. Which sibling duo is cooler?
    Answer: Janhvi & Khushi Kapoor

Episode 10:

  1. Do people like watching cricket?
    Answer: Yes
  2. What do people prefer more?
    Answer: Cooking at Home
  3. Do people prefer online payment over cash payments?
    Answer: Online Payment

Episode 09:

  1. What is more important for people while shopping at Flipkart?
    Answer: Good Reviews
  2. Do people still hang out with your school friends?
    Answer: Yes
  3. Which Priyanka Chopra movie do people like more?
    Answer: Dil Dhadakne Do

Episode 08:

  1. Who snores more?
    Answer: Men
  2. Do you like remixes of old songs?
    Answer: No
  3. Which is worse?
    Answer: Stomach Ache

Episode 07:

  1. What Phone unlock feature do people like more?
    Answer: Fingerprint
  2. Answer: Do people think Salman Khan is the most popular Khan of Bollywood?
    Answer: Yes
  3. Where do people prefer looking for a partner?
    Answer: Matrimonial Sites

Episode 06:

  1. How many people read the newspaper every day?
    Answer: 70-80%
  2. Which Mask do people prefer?
    Answer: Stylish
  3. Do people think that owning an iPhone is a luxury?
    Answer: Yes

Episode 05:

  1. Who do people think is a better dancer?
    Answer: Nora F.
  2. Which side of the family do people like more?
    Answer: Maternal
  3. Should children below 8 have access to mobile phones?
    Answer: No

Episode 04:

  • What do people think are 2000 rupee notes are of any use?
    Answer: Yes
  • What percentage of people prefer living with their parents?
    Answer: 80-90%
  • Who do people follow more on social media?
    Answer: Influencers

Episode 03:

  • Where would peoples prefer to go on a vaccination?
    Answer: Goa
  • What kind of coffee do people prefer to drink?
    Answer: Hot Coffee
  • Can people who have taken both vaccines to avoid wearing masks?
    Answer: No

Episode 02:

  1. What do people prefer traditional watches or Smartwatches?
    Answer: Option 2
  2. What do peoples prefer watching T20 or IPL?
    Answer: IPL
  3. What percentage of people play the new version of PUBG?
    Answer: 30-40%.

Episode 01:

  1. How many people prefer online shopping in India?
    Answer: 80-90%
  2. Do you think that female actor should be paid equally as male actors in Bollywood?
    Answer: Yes
  3. Which of these fitness regimes do people prefer?
    Answer: Yoga

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Kya Bolti Public Quiz Season 4 All Answers Episode 14 25th Sept offer is valid for one day, daily.

Kya Bolti Public Quiz Season 4 All Answers Episode 14 25th Sept Terms & Conditions:

  • Kya Bolti Public by Flipkart Videos is an interactive video quiz show based on public opinion (probably fake most of the time) hosted by RJ Anmol.
  • Old episodes answers are also added.
  • Daily you need to answers all the questions and depends on your score, you’ll win Gift Card Vouchers or SuperCoins. Best way to earn SuperCoins easily.
  • There’s a sure gift for all winners in this latest online quiz contest.
  • Flipkart Kya Bolti Public is an opinion-based game show contest where the host puts a question to the viewers with 2 options to choose from, viewers can answer whether as per the most of the public opinion.
  • You need to complete the quiz to see the results.
  • The prizes are in the form of a Mystery Box.
  • A customer can avail of the offer only once during the offer period.
  • This offer does not require any Promotion Code to be applied.
  • Kya Bolti Public Quiz Season 4 All Answers Episode 14 25th Sept Offer is applicable to both new and existing customers.
  • Kya Bolti Public Quiz Season 4 is starting on 14 September 2021 and the last episode is to be aired on 31st December 2021.
  • Flipkart has the right to discontinue the offer before the offer end date without giving prior notice.
  • Read full information, FAQs, all T&C, and other details of Flipkart promotion on the offer page link.
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